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'Fundamentals of Mergers & Acquisitions'

Deal Making

2 CPE Credit Hours

In-Office Training

No Prerequisite Requirements

Texas State Board of Public Accountancy CPE Sponsor # 010379

$45 per person in attendance

Presented by Sterling Concord Partners, a boutique investment bank based in Houston, Texas. Using our experience, transaction history, and both a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the deal process, motivations, and current market data, our firm will present a two (2) credit course on an overview of Mergers & Acquisitions.

Course Objectives:
  • Why and how a transaction is initiated, processed, and then closed

  • Whom are the entities involved, and their roles / responsibilities

  • Critical factors and considerations for both the Sellers & Buyers

  • Why Annual Auditing is fundamentally important and necessary

  • Quantitative analysis on EBITDA and revenue multiples, deal sizes, trends, & more

  • Reducing Risk and action steps

  • This is a non-technical course


Course Outline:
  • The ‘journey’ a Seller takes from considering selling to completing their earn-out(s)

    • Why Sell?

      • Cashing Out, Expansion

    • Why Buy?

      • Corporate Growth, Investment

    • Rules of Thumb

    • The Process A to Z

  • The Entities Involved

    • Sellers, Buyers (PE, Strategic, Family Offices, etc), Intermediaries (Investment banks)

    • Detailed look at PE strategy & macro data

    • Seller’s team, Buyer’s team

  • Why annual auditing is so important

    • Basic Valuation & Risk

  • Top Considerations before selling a company

    • Selection, Deal Structure, Limitations, Due Diligence Period, Integration

  • Top Considerations before purchasing a company

    • Objectives & Strategy, Transferability & Processes, Executive Team, Balance Sheet Blemishes, Expectations & Post Exit Life

  • Analysis on EBITDA and revenue to EV multiples

    • Overview on deal sizes, transaction times, top industry multiples, and more​

  • Reducing risk for Buyers:

    • Actions for Sellers to take​

    • Accurate projections

    • Building blocks for success

    • Auditing reduces risk

Previous Reviews & Evaluations

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