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We find the RIGHT Partner for your future Business

Not just any partner is right, and certainly not the best, for your business under new leadership and/or management. Finding, attracting, and closing the deal for the best fit partnership is our chief role and concern. 

We will learn your culture, your business style, and personal preferences for the new leadership and/or future business partnership for the company you've built.

Maintain Highly Confidential Process

We recognize your major risks (competitor, supplier, client, and key employee) and will keep your search private, discreet, and highly confidential. 

You'll have control on which potential partners will be blindly contacted. 

Consulting Skill to Build the Narrative

Products don't sell themselves... "if you build a better mousetrap" doesn't mean it will sell. Your company is significantly more than just the financial analysis so many other firms create.  Sterling Concord dives deep into 'who' your company is, 'what' makes your firm unique and important, and the all-important 'why' and 'how'.

We'll build the true and accurate story of why your company is an excellent acquisition target to the top firms and best fit partners moving forward. The narrative is of equal importance to the financial analysis, and Sterling Concord stresses a unique focus on this aspect of your company.

Successful Transactional Expertise & Experience

Our team has the knowledge, experience, and skill to maneuver a potentially complex transaction from start to close.  We perform the heavy lifting and allow you to focus on your business and confidently move towards your next chapter.

Close Deals through a Transparent Process

You will be in control as we execute the process to maximize your returns.  Each step is clearly defined and you'll have the ability to review and approve descriptions, blind teasers, and the CIM before distribution to potential Buyers. 

Partner For the Life Changing Event

An equity event is a life changing experience as you may be separating from a significant piece of your life: your company. It is, and should be, a very emotional, and yet rewarding experience. We understand your point of view and will guide you through the process. Including, helping build a team of financial and legal professionals to help manage your significant income, and getting the deal to close on the best terms and value possible.

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Why Select Sterling Concord Partners:

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Sterling Concord Partners (SCP) is a boutique investment bank specializing in sell-side advisory for Middle Market Companies. 

Sterling Concord Investments (SCI) acquires lower middle market companies in a variety of industries, nationally. 

SCP & SCI are based in Houston, Texas with clients both domestic and international. 

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