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Food & Beverage


Mergers & Acquisitions

Consumer & Service Focused Food & Beverage Sub-Industries:

  • Fast Casual Dining

  • Family Dining

  • Fine Dining

  • Quick Serve

  • Casual Dining

Sterling Concord Partners provides in-depth expertise and has cultivated numerous strategic relationships in this very unique and essential industry. Where there are challenges, there are opportunities, and the right guiding hand can allow you to reach and achieve your company's optimum value. 

We are in continual contact with our relationships and network of Strategic operators, and experienced financial investors focusing on the Food & Beverage industry is instrumental in qualifying and introducing potential partners or acquirers. We have the network, the market intelligence, and the objective analysis required for successful transactions.

To be advised of the many trends, developments, and valuations within the Food & Beverage industry, please contact us for further discussion. 

It is our pleasure and honor to work with your firm.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing & Distribution Sub-Industries:

  • Baked & Par-Baked Goods

  • Branded Items & Labels

  • Commercial Distribution & Specialty Distribution

  • Grocery

  • Ingredients & Raw Material Processing

  • Mixing, Blending, & Packaging

  • Private / White Label & Co-Packing

  • Beverage Syrups, Products & Brands

  • Spirits & Wines Importing, Branding, & Distributing

  • Growers & Producers

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