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The Profit

Sterling Concord Partners (SCP) is a boutique investment bank specializing in sell-side advisory for Middle Market Companies. 

Sterling Concord Investments (SCI) acquires lower middle market companies in a variety of industries, nationally. 

SCP & SCI are based in Houston, Texas with clients both domestic and international. 

A Concise Guide to Corporate & Management Strategy, Implementation, & Sales Execution

The Profit is a concise, step-by-step "how-to" guide to develop, execute, and implement corporate strategy. Learn the marketing techniques that will make your product memorable and to remain relevant, and the sales strategy that can put your company over the top. 



Each chapter concludes with bullet point summaries and action items to aid you in implementing the concepts detailed in the book and for real world strategy implementation. 



The strategies and frameworks are applicable to many industries; there is a wide spectrum of real world examples from industries ranging from Oil & Gas, to Education, Software, Government, Internet, Retail, and Automotive, both domestic and international.



The final section of The Profit illustrates various methods for international expansion including best practices for the greatest odds of success. The Profit is printed in larger and easier to read font than many corporate strategy and management strategy execution books for easier reading. The writing style is direct and to the point, without dry academic prose. 

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